Writing Workshops

* Write For Delight

* Poetry Workshops

* PoetryAlive weekends (with Nicola Bowery)

Writing workshops

My writing workshops are open to writers or would-be writers at any age or stage (16 and over) and suitable for writers in any form. Whether beginners or more experienced, participants will be encouraged to experiment and challenged to write what matters to them. There will be a wide variety of games and exercises to stimulate and inspire. Participants will hear a variety of strong work read out and enjoy the different atmospheres created. They will be surprised at how much work they get done in the workshop and they will certainly take away ideas for more. Participants will be encouraged to read out some of the writing work they’ve produced (though there’s no obligation!). My workshops are about enjoying writing and being a writer for however long the workshop lasts and hopefully beyond. Humour forms a big part of the presentation. There’s nothing competitive or threatening about it: above all the workshop will be fun.

Duration: 4 hrs, cost $400 (plus travel)

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