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Inspiring Students To Write

This workshop is designed to build English teachers’ confidence in teaching creative writing. Many teachers will admit to needing help with this subject, particularly around poetry. In this hands-on practical workshop, ‘Inspiring Students To Write’ I ask teachers to participate in a wide variety of games and exercises which students have been shown to respond well to. This way, teachers discover what students can really do. Creative writing can become formulaic when teachers are not confident of what they’re doing. They will surprised and pleased to discover that there are many things they can do ‘off’ the formula and away from the blackline master. The workshop also includes some voicework, useful for teachers when presenting and reading out examples of writing.

Workshop breakdown:

* Participating in a whole range of games and exercises

* Hearing inspiring examples of students’ work

* Hearing each other read out interesting and surprising work

* Becoming familar with poetry and a range of strong poems

* Teachers re-energised to go back into the classroom and teach
creative writing

Duration: 2-3 hours, cost: $100 p/hour (plus travel)


The workshop has helped me professionally too, I’ve already applied some of your methods at school and have seen fantastic results. It rained on Monday so I took my Year 8’s into the rain. They had to walk amongst it and experience it with all their senses. We then came back into the classroom and did a version of your free writing. Later we wrote poems about what we’d seen, felt and heard. Lovely, lovely stuff.

Karen Longmuir, English faculty, Stromlo HS

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