Feedback on Harry’s workshops

Fabulous presenter. Really knows his stuff and conveys it.

Fantastic presenter. Loved it. Positive, upmarket, enthusiastic, loves his work.

Harry gave us his all! (Poetically speaking)

Very valuable to have an experienced presenter in terms of reading the work. A neglected part of workshops…performance skills enhance the experience.

Practically based, instructive and Harry did an inspiring, professional job. A high quality of writing from the participants – more in this starved part of the world re poetry.

Very satisfactory. A very friendly, relaxed good natured style – no pressure to perform but we just had to do stuff. Hope I get writing again.

Magnificent, fun. Great teacher – lovely personality, sense of humour, sensitive.

Very much enjoyed Harry’s ability to tune into the different group member’s need with great sensitivity and pitch feedback appropriately.

Is there anything that surprised or excited you?

Yes, actually that I can write, will write and make a fresh beginning.

How enjoyable it is to read out loud and how much more moving this can make a poem. Something that doesn’t happen in everyday life i.e. dinner parties – and therefore rare and amazing.

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  1. Kate Henry says:

    Our crew of four boys really enjoyed the book launch last night. When Harrison got back in his car he said to his Mum and Dad:”can we replay and relive the last 30 minutes?” Yes performance is a rare and special experience. Josh read through about 15 of the poems before he went to sleep…trying to emulate your performance style a little too! I took photos as it was such a delight to see him engaged with poetry…..something I never remember feeling as a child. He loved the last line in ” My Dad’s an Alien!”

    • Harry says:

      I’m thrilled your crew of boys enjoyed the launch and I’ll treasure Harrison’s comment. Yup, all the poems in the book are meant to be heard.

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